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Hunan good angel housewarming ceremony organized by the characteristics of love

2015/12/12      view:

85 after the male youth sell sanitary napkins, for the circle of women's reproductive health dream"
The organizers of this event is the Hunan love good angel Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the number of participants up to 500 people attended the event, guests included the Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee Changsha Zhao Xuefeng, Changsha Tianxin District Public Security Bureau, the Nanning World Park leader Luo Jie Liang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Shixue, Fuzhou sunshine life Biotechnology Co., Ltd. chairman Chen Kefu, Shandong Garnier Biological Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Hu Qinggang, Hunan will present venture capital Limited by Share Ltd chairman Ceng Yong, China Academy of Sciences Southern China botanical garden natural medicinal chemistry research group chief researcher, doctoral tutor Qiu Shengxiang. Before the ceremony, Zhang Fan, chairman of the good angel on the activities of the theme and the company made a speech: love and kindness is the cornerstone of the development of the cause, but also the meaning of the company name. At first to give the development of the concept of the company, in fact, is not a thorough study of the market to make a choice, but from my personal feelings in the hearts of A. I have always believed that the type of product is a kind of external means, really let the enterprise of youth and eternal power is the enterprise internal thoughts. From 2013 to now, the company's rapid development is not my personal credit, but all the people love the good angel to work together, is the inevitable result of love and good feelings. Of course, the greater the power, the greater the responsibility, with the rapid development of the company, love good angels began to invest more power to speed up the pace of the company's mission."


According to people familiar with the matter, the company's founder, Zhang Fan, was originally an ordinary young man from the countryside, due to the death of his mother due to illness, and since then, for the female reproductive health to create a career. Good love angel company main female reproductive health products, love of humanity and the characteristics of the marketing mode allows the company to achieve rapid development within two years, the company headquarters address housewarming ceremony love is the witness of the development of good angel company.
Sanitary napkin male model catwalk, "offbeat interpretation of women's reproductive health"
Event program is very exciting, including a beautifully choreographed dance program, magic show, of course, the most eye-catching is the male model catwalk sanitary napkins. A sanitary napkin placed naked male masculine handsome on stage, and with the music, to the audience with visual auditory perception. After the activity, there are still many audience enough, come on stage to take a picture with.
Naked male model show female sanitary napkins, products with a masculine display, which is very rare in the model show. According to the event planner: "I and Zhang Fan, chairman of the board has been trying to set up a more distinctive part of the event to trigger a female reproductive health concerns. So to plan this male sanitary napkin show, let the male models to display female private health products, told that you use this highly visual conflict: female reproductive health among the female compatriots not only privacy issues, but other men, all enterprises and even the whole society should pay attention to the issue of."

"Love good angel Qi Dance Season" large-scale series of activities to start
At the end of live show links, love the good angels company staff also led the guests visited the company's new office, then a pedestrian ride the bus to go to Changsha Xinyuan White Swan Inn Hotel thanks feast, the activities always keep warm atmosphere. It is reported that this activity except love as the good angels headquarters housewarming ceremony, also began to witness the "love of good angels dance season" series of large-scale activities. In the next seven to September, love the good angels company will carry out a series of public interest as the theme of the series of activities such as: love and charity donation activities, hope primary school library construction, selection of butterfly goddess. In a new time node, a new series of activities, love the good angel company in such a way to express the dedication and enthusiasm for the cause of love.