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Love the good angels in the experience of growing up of entrepreneurs

2015/12/12      view:

Hunan love good angel Agel Ecommerce Ltd general manager Zhang Fan guest China youth network participation, recorded by the Chinese youth network and Chinese Guanghua Science and technology foundation cooperation to create a "new dynamic entrepreneur" interview program on female reproductive health products industry development road.
In the program to record the scene, Zhang Fan recalled his youth, had poor growth environment, lost their parents during the university life turns visible before the eyes. However, he is a strong effort ahead of the youth, adapted from his introverted personality, from an ordinary sales experience, now entrepreneurs.
Zhang Fan said, in the early days, one person alone, on-site demonstration of their products. After more than a year, finally make their own business, and from the agent of other people's products, the development of the distribution of their own brand. Zhang Fan for his mother miss, love good angel Agel Ecommerce Ltd operating in Hunan, the new concept of the spread of health, female reproductive health escort.
In the program, in the face of the audience, Zhang Fan talked about, he has been adhering to the "breakthrough innovation, helping others, the integration of resources, mutual benefit and win-win" business principles, and in the business, but also in the public interest, he will be part of the profits of the enterprise to contribute to the poor students.