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Love good angel micro business to join the investment amount of 2800 yuan to carry out

2015/12/12      view:

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Changsha love good angel Agel Ecommerce Ltd is a production, research and development, sales as one of the modern enterprise, the company has a strong strength and strong technical advantages. At present, the company's main products are three models. 1) Qiao Fei technology of sanitary napkins sanitary napkins is the first type of gift packaging, super moisturizing factor with high density, sanitary napkin absorption capacity on the market than the ordinary high 3 to 5 times, can relieve itching, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, odor removal. 2) the artifact - Royal Shu Dan pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation, safety and no side effect. All kinds of vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, accessory phlogistic, endometritis, vaginal odor, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, uterine polyps, blood does not cause pigmentation, chloasma, Hu Dieban, and all kinds of gynecological diseases caused by lumbago disease have better effect. 3) dysmenorrhea Terminator - Renton rose essential oil minimum only 2000 yuan investment to do micro business, students, stay-at-home mom, work with free people can do. Investment is small, no risk, return big! Now the micro business development is rapid, please seize the opportunity! Hesitate between, others have long gone! Micro business is a protracted war, not a day will be able to do two days, if you can not insist, please do not start, and waste time. Micro business trend of a trend which cannot be halted their efforts. Must be rewarded!