Love good angel 3.8 degrees sunny female intimate care of health wet paper towels

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Female friends:

Are you still habitually "self mutilation"?
Would you still be kept in the "sanitary and health" in the drum?
Caring for healthy female compatriots, is the time of the awakening,
Is the time to recognize the true nature of the ordinary type sanitary napkin!!!
This group of figures you know frightful to the ear,?
The World Health Organization survey report: more than 80% of the world's women have varying degrees of gynecological diseases, the prevalence rate of married women in China is as high as 87.5%. The report further pointed out: 63.7% gynecological diseases is due to the time of the month to use inferior or substandard sanitary napkins caused!
Our country shows early in a statistical data in 1996, after the use of ordinary sanitary napkin on the market, 38% people suffering from serious gynecological diseases, 73% of women feel local skin itching, burning, burning sensation in the menstrual period, not to regard it as right of these symptoms, over time will cause gynecological diseases or light or heavy.
Modern social women face a health crisis?
1, married women gynecological disease prevalence rate of 95% or more;
2, the incidence of gynecological diseases in the health or poor quality of the sanitary napkin caused by the proportion of up to 63.7%;
3, in 2011 the authority of the Department repeatedly exposed many brands of sanitary napkins sanitary conditions are not up to standard, which contains a line brand, such as: Bao Bao, seven * space, * fei......
4, female reproductive health is not only a personal problem, 21.7% marriage fuse turned out to be female gynecological disease causes!
Sanitary napkin as a female daily necessities, ordinary absorption function has been unable to meet the needs of many women, sanitary napkins consumption needs have been met from the basic needs of higher demand - green, health, health care direction of development.
What kind of sanitary napkin is negative ion sanitary napkin?
Negative ion sanitary napkin is used in the negative ion function chip, product use in a certain temperature, humidity and friction role, negative ion chip can emit high concentrations of negative ions, can promote the body of biochemical enzymes and the smell gas molecules and, from and to improve the body's ability to remove odor, effective antibacterial, pure physical process to achieve a positive effect on female physiological health, is very typical of the main features of the third generation.
"Pretty princess" anion sanitary products as the technology of the third generation, is a pure physical adjustment function of sanitary napkins, without any side effects, is a healthy choice for women in modern society!
Qiao Fei anion sanitary napkins 5 functions: auxiliary sterilization, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, get rid of the smell!
The pretty princess first by anion sanitary composite dual core technology, nano silver, far infrared and negative ion combination, can effectively improve the oxygen content of the body, the bacteria while protecting the suppression of harmful bacteria, can effectively maintain the female physiological self-cleaning ability; pure physical effects, does not contain any drug or chemical ingredients, no side effects; let women continue to have physiological health, comfortable and clean environment.
The pretty princess what price:
We only provide a Family Pack: the national unified price of 369 yuan. (containing 25 packages daily, 10 night, the 2 night package pad, daily 3 / pack, pad 28 / bag)

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