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Good love angel Yu Shu Dan Qing Detox gynecological disease killer

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Five major characteristics of the Royal Shu Dan
One, self inspection: when you are not sure whether they suffer from gynecological diseases, the use of one to two tablets of Royal Shu Dan, they will find out whether they have gynecological inflammation, to understand their physical health status.
Two, self cleaning: one or two grains of Yu Shu Dan, will clean out the uterus and vagina many old drug deposition, remodeling a non inflammatory, healthy and refreshing you!
Three, from the United States: continuous use will be good auxiliary effect on common endometritis, cervical erosion, ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, annex inflammation, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological intractable play.
Four, autonomous: yellow, dull, pale skin, gray hair pigmentation, rough skin of women, 85% is caused by various gynecological diseases. Yu Shudan through the palace, regulating qi and blood, to resolve the above problems fundamentally.
Five, autotrophism healthy women use one or two month Yu Shu Dan, can effectively prevent the occurrence of gynecological disease, and to improve the uterine cell vitality, restore muscle elasticity, to the palace, yam, beauty, nourishing, let adult women back to the state of the young girl. Whether you buy or not, the effect is here!

The study found: arch-criminal authority recurrent gynecological diseases Jiuzhibuyu, is insidious"!
What is the vagina is insidious: insidious toxins. Women after menstruation, childbirth, abortion, sexual life, will have a residue left in the folds of the vagina and recess, the residual and invasion of virus called insidious insidious long-term accumulation in the vagina, pelvic invasion, will cause days and months multiplying various gynecological disease.
Insidious harm:
1, aging fast: insidious inward invasion, leading to endocrine disorders, cause breast sagging, sallow face, rough skin, pigmentation spot, premature aging symptoms;
2, cachexia: insidious hisatsumi unclear cause vaginitis, adnexitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, jiuzhibuyu;
3, our long-term deposition will lead to less insidious: pudendal "elastic fibers" caused by loss of elasticity, pudendal stretch to retraction, difficult to grip, loss of pleasure;
4, fat: malice will cause the blood runs sluggish, resulting in fat metabolism disorders, fat in waist, buttocks, thighs to near under the shade of local accumulation, caused by fat ugly;
5, poor skin: malice will cause ovarian dysfunction caused by the disorder of Qi and blood, the skin is not enough nutrition, naturally there will be a loose, dark yellow, dry, oil, acne and other phenomena.

Drugs currently on the market a lot of treatment of gynecological diseases of the female reproductive system, but has a certain temperature and humidity, and the period of residual blood and other organic matter is the place of bacteria breeding, so the general gynecological drugs, only temporary emergency solution, like weeding, with grass root is to eradicate, residue, regeneration, formation it is difficult to eradicate vicious spiral.
Yu Shu Dan is a pure natural Chinese medicine, its efficacy and usage and many gynecological medicine are not the same, it has a strong adsorption, directly into the vagina, the drug directly to lesions, can remove the dirt in the uterus and vagina. Yu Shu Dan broke through conventional treatment, drug own strong adsorption force, will soon be the female reproductive system in all kinds of dirt, out of the body through the drug adsorption, which can diminish inflammation sterilization, to eradicate the disease, but also can regulate qi and blood, regulating endocrine, play a role of beauty care, and uterine fibroids, cervical erosion, ovarian cyst, and gynecological disease caused by an unexpected effect is tired.
Yu Shu Dan is the broad and profound traditional medicine products reflected by "rope traction type detoxification method" solves the female reproductive system is difficult to automatically discharge the worldwide problem of toxin in vitro, caused a sensation in the world of beauty gynecological world, more surprising is the imperial Shu Dan special medicine material and preparation method, so that the product has the powerful adsorption function, can effectively discharge the toxin in the body, the outside world can't copy. Therefore, the successful development of Yu Shu Dan, as well as the unique therapeutic effect, fill the blank of no cure gynecological, creating a new era of female beauty of sewage.

Yu Shudan attending:
Yu Shu Dan magic formula, has unique adsorption capacity, the epithelial cells, blood stasis, uterine cavity shedding necrosis of the bacteria adsorbed on the pill, and the breeding of uterine and ovarian fibroids, cyst, polyps to peeling off, which is connected to the surface of these harmful tissue and uterine cavity and the inner wall of the ovary the gradually reduced, shrinking, eventually fall off from in vitro.
The Royal Shu Dan to different kinds of vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammation, annex inflammation, endometritis, vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, uterine polyps, blood does not cause pigmentation, chloasma, Hu Dieban, cyasma, yellow face and all kinds of gynecological disease the low back pain and other symptoms, and has antiwrinkling palace, Wahaha, beauty of the effect of rejuvenation.
How to sell?
Specifications: upgrade products installed (9 + lotion)
National unified retail price: 368 yuan / box
Ingredients: Saffron, aloes, wangyuesha, musk shell, luminous sand, angelica, Sophora flavescens, Cnidium, Sanguisorba officinalis, alum, borneol, chlorhexidine acetate and more than 10 kinds of rare Chinese herbal medicine.
Royal Shu Dan use method: will this product is placed in the vagina two days, once a pill.
1 wash hands, remove the Yu Shu Dan, loose thread, straightening;
2 remove the sterile finger, set in the middle finger, with the thumb of the Yu Shu Dan niejin, ready to be placed;
3 the Royal Shu Danshun lying posture, vagina gently push 7cm, thread left in the vagina mouth;
After 4.48 hours, the head gently pulled out, Yu Shu Dan slip out of the body, take a bag of cleaning agent against the boiling water about 750ml brewing, thoroughly clean the vagina and vulva;
Second after 48 hours and then using 5 grain of Royal Shu dan;
6 recommend the use of this product in the guidance of health consultants, according to the age and physical condition of the selection of products and treatment.
7 use 9 for a course of treatment.
Remarks: Royal Shu Dan is placed inside the vagina will happen very quickly, there will be a body of dirt out of the vagina. Preferably with a piece of sanitary pads, underwear can avoid pollution.

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